Servicing the Shoalhaven, Eurobodalla & Gippsland Regions with  Solar Energy & Energy efficiency technologies for use in Residential & Commercial applications.

With turnkey system installation from concept to design , providing energy monitoring & ROI analysis to maximise Solar Yield & financial returns.

Our professional experience will bring the best possible return on your investment.

Our Systems

Where possible our products are Australian based and from world recognised suppliers.

We partner with World leading Manufacturers from Germany, US & Japan and can provide the most competitive product on the market.

To give a 25 year warranty you need to have been around for as long or longer , so we only support manufacturers that substantiate the claim.

We employ the latest Technology of Solar Modules & Inverters from worlds best manufacturers leading the way in forefront of Solar advancements.

High efficiency low surface area Photovoltaic modules combined with precision electronic inverters provide a solar system that will last and outperform similar systems.

With Energy prices on the way up, Solar Energy has now reached 'grid-parity' which means solar Energy is lower in price than convential Grid-supply soruces.


More Services

SunnyAfternoons also provides complete turnkey solutions with advice on system sizing to maximise Return on Investment(ROI) using our proprietary energy mapping service.

This system quantifies the 'exact' amount of solar you will need without wasting capital expense. Using technology developed by the founders of the company for over 10 years in an effort to find the perfect solution for solar in commercial applications.




Energy Mapping is Available to all commercial customers looking for advice and best return on captial investment in Solar generation systems.

We also offer this service for larger Residential & small Business owners.

Let us give you the information you need to make the right decision and protect your investment.


Commercial Scale Solar Energy

Project Design & integration at commercial level which provides long term performance and yield harvest from the Solar Generator.

We supply product & systems that have been stringently tested that promise results that continue for the life of the equipment.

From consultation and proposal of potential options to turnkey integration supported by local tradesman, commercial scalable Solar generators provide relief and security from increased energy prices.